Finding The Best Running Jogger Pants For Men

If you’re someone who likes to stay warm during a workout or doesn’t like running in shorts, then joggers and running pants might be the best option for you. Joggers and running pants offer different benefits that running shorts can’t give you, especially in the cold weather. Having different benefits, leggings and pants share a lot of the same features as running shorts do, such as the lightweight material, liners, pockets, etc. With technology advancing over the years joggers and running pants have become more popular for working out and being an everyday outfit for many people.

They have become more stylish while also being comfortable and offering the support needed for working out. There are different types of joggers and running pants to choose from, you need to consider the material, the fit, the features, and the style. Some fit loose, some fit tight, and some can be as tight as compression shorts, covering your entire leg giving the most support. Along with the features these pants have built into them, they offer other support like keeping your skin out of the sun, so if you’re someone who gets sunburnt easily while going for a run, joggers and running pants are the best option for you. 

What are Running Jogger Pants? 

Being lightweight and comfortable with an athletic appearance, joggers were originally made for exercise. Joggers offer the same functions and sweatpants, but are much more lightweight to allow you to move around easier in them. Which is why they were made for exercise and movement while looking much more athletic than sweatpants too. Most joggers include an elastic or drawstring waist and elastic at the ankles keeping them tight and snug. Joggers have become more popular over the years and are now used in a regular wardrobe. Some people will wear them when they’re not working out because they can be stylish and comfortable. Some joggers are more stylish than others, offering better support and comfortability when you’re working out. Joggers can be perfect for working out in cold weather, keeping your legs warmer than shorts would. 

Why Do We Need Joggers/Pants For Running?

If you’re someone who loves the workout outside while it’s cold, then joggers might become your new favorite workout apparel. Some joggers offer the same support and benefits that workout shorts do, but keeping you much warmer and comfortable. Being as stylish as they are, you can wear joggers without working out. They can be added to your wardrobe for any everyday outfit while keeping you extra comfortable. 

What Are The Benefits of Running in Joggers/Pants?

There are a lot of benefits to working out in joggers because of how they are made and what they can do for your body. When working out, you always want to get the most out of your workout. Joggers and sweatpants increase your body heat, which causes you to become hotter and sweat more quickly during your workout. Since you are sweating so much, extra calories are needed to cool your body down, so the extra heat you are getting from wearing joggers will allow you to burn a few extra calories. The more sweat you produce, the more moisture you produce also. Walking around sweaty is not comfortable for anyone, joggers will help absorb the moisture while keeping you cool and dry. 

If you’re doing a lot of outdoor exercise, then the last thing you want is to get sunburnt. Joggers help protect your skin and keep it from being exposed to the sun. Not only will they protect your legs from being sunburnt, they will also save you time because you won’t have to apply any, thus giving you more time to workout. Even if the sun is not out, you might have to worry about the cold, and joggers are perfect for keeping you warm during your workouts if you’re outside. Joggers will help trap the heat that’s close to your body and will help warm up your muscles.  

Different Types of Running Joggers and Running Pants

There are different types of joggers and running pants, each one being unique and having its own different style while offering different benefits. A pair might be made for a specific season and temperatures too, so this is also something you need to consider. 

Summer and Spring: For these seasons, you might want to consider a lighter pair of workout pants. Considering it will be fairly hot outside while working out, you don’t want to be running around in heavy and thick pants, you’ll want something lightweight and thin to keep yourself as cool as possible. These pants are usually a tighter and thinner material keeping you cool while also giving you support. One of your options is compression pants, these pants are very tight offering the most support. They are super lightweight keeping your legs cool for your entire workout. 

Fall and Winter: During these seasons, you’ll want something thicker that keeps you warm from the cold temperatures. 

Best Joggers/Pants to Running and Jogging:


The momentum joggers are a double cotton fabric, insulated, and have superior softness. These joggers are perfect for the fall/winter season and cold temperatures to keep you warm during your workouts. These joggers come in three different styles: 

  • 1. Born Tough Momentum Tracksuit  Running Jogger Pants for Men

  • 2. Born Tough Momentum Fitted Signature Running Jogger Pants for Men

  • These joggers are made from a highly stretchable momentum fabric and include an elastic waist with drawstrings, as well as elastic bottom cuffs. They include side pockets that have been placed towards the top of the hip to minimize pocket movement and mitigate obstruction. Just like Born Tough’s running shirts, these joggers also include a waist loop designed to hold a shirt or a towel during your workout.

  • 3. Born Tough Momentum Cargo Running Jogger Pants for Men

  • These joggers are made from Born Tough’s signature prestige fabric. They include zippered pockets that lean on the sides rather than the top, keeping your belongings out of the way and giving you freedom to stay focused during your workout. The flat felled seams and ergonomically design will help give you maximum comfort.  

    All three of these styles are available in: 

    • Military Green
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


    The viscose joggers are made from a premium cotton and give you the maximum softness and comfort while being lightweight as well. These joggers are a year round item and are perfect for any weather you’re working out in. These joggers come in one style: 

  • 1. Born Tough Core Fit Running jogger Pants for Men

  • These joggers are made from Born Tough’s signature prestige fabric. They include zippered pockets that lean on the sides rather than the top, keeping your belongings out of the way and giving you freedom to stay focused during your workout. The flat felled seams and ergonomically design will help give you maximum comfort.

    This style is available in: 

    • Black
    • Lunar Rock
    • Metal Grey
    • Lunar Rock
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


    The compression pants are made of an elastic co-polymer fabric, helping implore your blood flow and being form fitting. These pants are made for any season, ready to take on whatever you throw at them. These pants come in one style:

  • 1. Born Tough Side Pockets Running Compression Pants for Men

  • These pants are made from Born Tough’s signature elastane blend made specifically for compression applications. They increase blood flow which increases your performance and decreases your recovery time after working out. Two gravity pockets are included, designed to keep your phone, wallet, and anything else out of the way while you workout. 

    This style is available in: 

    • Black
    • White
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 

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