Our Picks for the Top 5 Workout Accessories for 2021

There’s plenty to say goodbye to in 2020 but hopefully, there are some good things to carry with us into 2021 like continuing our workouts. Last year, we shared a list of our workout accessories for an at-home/portable gym. Little did we know that our predictions for 2020 would be accelerated and expanded with the swift appearance of a deadly pandemic; unwittingly making the list even more important as we transitioned to home workouts. The world of fitness has changed forever as more and more people opt to work out anytime from anywhere. This list, hopefully, will help keep the momentum going in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Global Portable Wifi Service with the Teppy Pocket Wifi: 2020 showed us that you truly can workout from anywhere at anytime with the explosion of online at-home workouts and apps. With a portable Wifi device and service, you can take your workouts on the road (once restrictions are lifted) whether you’re going to a local park or beach or traveling for work or leisure. Featured in PC Magazine, The New York Times, Tech Crunch and many more, the Teppy Pocket Wifi will help you stay connected in over 130+ locations around the world. Buy it for $149 or rent it for $6.95/day.

  2. Gaiam 5 and 10 lb. ankle weights ($18 – $25): Add a pep to your step with Gaiam’s slender profile ankle weights. Practice your leg lifts, high knees, and all the other leg-lift exercises to help keep your gams strong and lean. These were the only ones we found that offered heavier weights while also designed with a low profile and at a reasonable price.

  3. Bowflex SelecTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell ($179 + free shipping): For the second year in a row, these adjustable kettlebells made our list. For the price point, quality, and design, these can’t be beaten. They are great for beginner to intermediate kettlebell swingers. Easily adjustable from 8 – 40 lbs., these space-saving bells are affordable and sturdy considering that you get an 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40-pound bell all-in-one. You won’t have any more excuses not to practice your cleans, snatches, and Turkish Getups! [BTW, need a great kettlebell coach? Check out John L. and Aleksandra S. on the Flight app.]

  4. BOSE Wireless SoundSport Headset ($99): Sweat and weather-resistant, this headset is designed with the active fitness enthusiast in mind. And with BOSE’s best-in-class audio technology, you know you’re getting the best of both worlds: great sound coupled with a sleek design and practical functionality. Bonus: Never worry about losing your headset again. The company has teamed up with Tile, maker of the lost-and-found key device + software, to integrate the best of both systems so you can easily find your headset using the free BOSE app. [Put this headset to the test with sweaty HIIT, Tabata and cardio workouts with Kelly A., John L., Heather M., Julie B., Aleksandra S. and Jessica G. on our app.]

  5. Foldable Exercise Mat (Prices vary): Get back to basics with a good, portable exercise mat. It always helps to have a good mat to keep you from slipping and to provide that little bit of cushioning. These two foldable exercise mats were recommended by Conde Nast Traveler and offer lightweight, portability without skimping on size. Manduka’s Eko Superlite Travel Mat is full size and comes in a variety of colors ($44) while Gaiam’s foldable sundial mat comes in a neutral blue and is affordably priced at $24. These are great if you don’t want to share or rent exercise mats when you’re not at home. [Practice your downward dog and Sun Salutations with Jim P., Katrina S. and Debbie C. on our app.]

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