Keeping up Traditions in Uncertain Times

This is a hotly debated topic — fake or real? For this year, if the hunt for a live tree isn’t already on your family’s traditions list, consider adding it. The search for the perfect tree can be a family bonding event that’s also safer during these pandemic times. Not only can you remain outdoors (and socially distanced) while you search, it can get you and your family into some more of the aforementioned beneficial fresh air. Add in the fresh scent of balsam and fir, the possibility of some Hallmark-movie snow, and the opportunity for (more) hot cocoa, and you’ve got a holiday tradition you’ll want to repeat year after year. Most local garden and home improvement centers sell trees pre-cut, and there are a variety of cut-your-own locations if you want to add a hike aspect to your tree search. Most cut-your-own locations provide a saw, and both cut-your-own and lawn/garden centers will help carry, bundle, and load onto your vehicle. 

Some tips to help you pick the perfect live tree
courtesy of Nick Huban of On the Farm, who shared this with us last year

Measure It: Before you leave your house, measure from your ceiling to your tree stand. This is the maximum size your Christmas tree can be! Take this to the tree farm and find the tree of your dreams that will perfectly fit in your house without any headaches.

Balsam and Fraser Fir ONLY: Stick with these two species, and your tree is promised to be vibrant, fragrant, and living all holiday season! 

Hydrate Every Day: Once your tree has made it in your home, be sure to water it every single day! Never let the water drop beyond the cut end or your tree will lose its ability to absorb water.

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